Our story

Welcome to Duet Insurance – a place where simplicity meets professionalism.

We founded Duet Insurance out of a shared mission to make the insurance process simple, clear and accessible to everyone. We believe that insurance should not be complicated or confusing, but a service that protects you and what is important to you.

At Duet Insurance, we are proud to offer you a professional, reliable and personal insurance service. Every detail, no matter how small, is assimilated with thought and commitment to give you the product that best suits your requirements.

We are equipped with a carefully selected team of experienced experts who strive to find the perfect solution for each client. Our rich experience allows us to know the changing challenges of the insurance industry and focus on finding the best solution for you.

For us, every customer is important. We provide personal attention, balance your unique needs and provide you with customized insurance solutions. If you are looking for the most suitable insurance for you – you are in the right place.

Join us for a simple, reliable and professional insurance experience. Duet Insurance – your place for insurance.

?Who are we

Hello, I’m Dedi Rabin, founder of Duet Insurance. I founded the company out of a true love for the insurance field with a mission to change the way people deal with the insurance process.

During my years in the industry, I learned that insurance is not just a financial product, but a tool that allows people to enjoy peace of mind knowing they are protected against life’s risks.

As the founder of Duet Insurance, I am determined to provide my clients with a personal and pleasant experience. I specialize in finding the exact solution to fit each client’s unique needs, so they can sleep easy knowing I’m here to protect them.

I invite you to get to know Duet Insurance – the place where insurance becomes simple, personal and convenient.

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