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We provide our customers with a comprehensive package covering all professional solutions, while marketing exclusive products to the largest agencies in Israel.

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We advocate a personal relationship and fast service to each client. We specialize in business insurance and personal liability insurance.

Special risk insurance includes many areas and is customized to protect you according to the area in which you specialize.

With today’s advanced technologies – database breaches, hacker attacks and ransom demands are becoming more and more common, you need cyber insurance to cover you.

Did you make a mistake due to professional negligence? Have you received a third party claim? We cover you with professional liability insurance that protects you.

Contractors insurance is designed to protect you in any process of construction,or renovation and makes sure to give you coverage in case of negligence during work.

Factories need to take care of themselves for insurance coverage. We offer factory insurance that takes care of you in a variety of cases such as – fires, robbery, natural damage, etc.

As business owners, we understand how important it is to you that the business succeeds. Business insurance helps you maintain peace of mind and saves you from damages that could cause you financial losses.

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An insurance agency that covers you from A to Z

Duet Insurance Agency offers excellent conditions for contractors, architects, interior designers, cleaning and personnel companies and more. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation.

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