Cyber insurance

Cyber security is an essential tool in the digital age in which we live. Today when most of our activity is done online – through our desktops, our smartphones and even our smart devices – protecting against cybercrime is not only a good idea; it is a basic need. From individuals to large businesses, everyone needs something to protect them from cyber attacks. Cyber insurance is the solution for you.

What is cyber insurance?

Cyber insurance is a type of insurance that covers the expenses resulting from a cyber attack. This can include online crimes, breach of privacy, disclosure of information, identity theft and more. When the expenses resulting from a cyber attack can reach hundreds of thousands of NIS and even more, cyber insurance offers complete protection.

Why you need cyber insurance

No one wants to think that they will be the next victim of a cyber attack, but with the growth of cyber attacks and the specialization of criminals, the chance of this happening increases all the time. Cyber insurance offers peace of mind against this concern. It provides protection against the economic consequences of such an attack, and assists in recovery.

Cyber insurance for businesses

Businesses are a major target for cyber attacks, as they hold valuable information and may be a target for cyber crime. A cyber attack can disable business activity for a long time, cause serious financial damage, and destroy the reputation of the business. In addition, the expenses required to restore the information and return the business to its daily routine can be very serious. Cyber insurance for businesses covers the legal expenses and repairs required after a cyber attack.

Is it worth it?

The cost of cyber insurance may seem extreme to some people. But when you consider the economic impact of a cyber attack, you can understand that investing in cyber insurance can save you from a lot of worries and unexpected expenses. Instead of dealing with the consequences of a cyber attack, cyber insurance makes it possible to avoid them in the first place.

In conclusion

In the digital age we live in, cyber insurance is not a privilege, but a basic need. If you are a business owner you should know that you are protected. Cyber insurance offers protection against a cyber attack, helps in the recovery process from such an attack and eases the financial pressure that such an event can cause.

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